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If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, you should consider different outdoor wedding ideas. More and more people are doing their weddings outdoors. This is because the natural setting makes the wedding much more beautiful and unique. Other advantages of outdoor weddings are convenience since the ceremony and the reception is done in one place and you save money on transport and booking separate venues.

You can have an elaborate outdoor wedding or a simple one. The wedding can be formal or informal. The type of outdoor wedding should be determined by the size of the venue, the number of guests, the type of guests, the weather conditions, the laws and regulations, the décor, and the money you have. The outdoor wedding should be planned in such a way that it makes use of the whole grounds. You should make sure that the grounds have toilets, water, and electricity before the wedding day.

A popular outdoor wedding idea is a formal wedding with a sit-down dinner. Receptions to such weddings are usually held under reception tents, but the actual ceremonies are held under a gazebo or under an arbor.

Another popular outdoor wedding idea is a simple with barbeque or finger foods. In such a wedding, guests seat like they are in a picnic. This requires little coordination and it makes the day very special. You can also incorporate outdoor games such as volleyball or walks in the garden.

When considering outdoor wedding ideas, the two parties should work together because in some cases, what works for one party may not work for the other. You should consider the type of guests you have because older, more conservative guests may prefer something formal.

You can get outdoor wedding ideas by visiting as many of your friends’ weddings as possible. This way, you can pick different tips and you can even combine different ideas to make the day more memorable. When picking tips, you should note that the more unique a wedding is, the more it will be memorable and the special it will be. Make sure you personalize the wedding by playing the music you like and by doing the décor your way.

You should get these ideas months before the wedding day. Planning a wedding is usually very stressful and time and energy consuming and if you wait until the last day, you may end up making costly compromises. You can hire a wedding planner to aid in the planning and for ideas, but the final decision should be yours.

There are many publications on outdoor wedding ideas such as bridal magazines. The internet is also full of these ideas. The internet is a good source because it is convenient since you can look at the ideas day or night, all year round, and because you get to do this in the comfort of your home, it is cheap since no travel is required, and you get ideas from a variety of sources, meaning you are more likely to get something unique.

Published: 08/11/2010 by Wedding Locations


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