Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpiece Ideas


A do it yourself wedding centerpiece is probably the best way to showcase your wedding theme whilst scalping some dollars from the wedding budget. The centerpiece will express the mood and bring out your personality. You want it simple but extremely elegant-avoid being too dramatic. This is where you bring out the best of your imagination and have fun while at it. Whatever the theme, make sure it is unique, chic and stunning.  

Start practicing early enough to perfect the piece. This will also give you an idea of how long the centerpieces will last especially if you will be using flowers. Make use of readily available materials. If it is flowers, use the flowers on season. These will not look fresher but also cost less. Make sure the centerpieces stand out, but should not be distracting or too big to obstruct people from seeing each other, especially if they are placed on the tables.

For a personal touch, you can have a framed photo of you and your partner. Rustic or beaded picture frames will without a doubt enhance the picture aesthetics. Just make sure it’s a beautiful shot. The other way to get very personal is to include small poems written by you and your beau, or a nicely framed general statement. The message may be simple but use a frame that brings out a perfect and elegant tone. For the art lovers, you can display your art collection in an elegant and noticeable way.

If you choose to use flowers, be sure to use flowers that are on season and they must be fresh. Consult on how top preserve them or you can choose to use dried up flowers-less worries on wilting. You can get as wild as you like with flowers, your options are many, just play around with the colors, shapes, texture and the holding pots or vases. You can just pluck the petals or use them stemmed. Create an illusion by scattering few petals of different colors on the tables.

Glass bowls are definitely elegant for that classy centerpiece. Try filling it with differently colored pebbles or beads. Fill it with water or colored liquid and floating petals or float candles instead. You can also float twinkling butterflies. Get bowls that are bigger at the bottom or vice-versa. If you pay attention to details, bowls will give you a mesmerizing presentation.

Flower vases and pots have been such a beauty even in grandma’s house. How about getting exquisite vases and filling them up with alternating differently colored roses? Look for vases with different shapes but deep enough to hold long stemmed flowers. Don’t crowd the flowers, the fewer and well arranged the classier the look. Roses blooming with life on a traditional pot look amazing. You can loosely hang small but beautiful beads from the mouth of the pot.

Wine glasses and candles are just cozy. Create a romantic ambience with these items. The perfect combination for a wedding and can give you the most beautiful wedding centerpiece. You can have floating fruit candles on the glasses. You can have the wine glasses arranged to create a certain pattern.

Whatever you do, create a simple centerpiece, have fun in every step of it. Be cautious with the smells. Avoid scented candles, different people like different smells and some people react to them. Use your flowers to freshen up the air.

Published: 08/12/2010 by Wedding Decorations


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