Choosing an Artistic Wedding Photographer


These days, many brides are steering clear of traditional portrait style wedding photography. If you find yourself in this same boat but don’t know where to go except the traditional photographer’s studio, you can find a more artistic wedding photographer with the right steps. Lots of young professional and amateur photographers are coming up with new and unique ways to create gorgeous wedding photos that are absolutely unforgettable. If you want to get in on the trend of fun and unique wedding pictures, here’s how to do it.

First, ask around or look online for photographers in your area. With the Internet these days, most photographers – even amateurs – tend to have websites where you can view their most recent photos. Look for wedding photos in particular, as they’ll have a different feel than portraits or other event photos. See what sort of style the photographer has. If you get to see photos from more than one wedding, this will give you an idea of how the style can be adapted to different settings and themes.

You next need to start talking to the photographers that interest you. Don’t shy away from working with even those who seem relatively inexperienced. Some of the most artistic wedding photos out there come from photographers who are just getting started. Plus, these photographers can often save you a small fortune on your wedding pictures.

As you’re setting up appointments with photographers, your first thing to do is to give them your wedding date. You may end up eliminating some right off the bat because they aren’t available for your date. Set appointments with the rest, and let them know what it is that you’re looking for in your photographs.

Since photography is by nature visual, it may be helpful to bring along wedding photos or other photos that you like to show to your potential photographers. This will help them get an idea of what types of things you’re looking for in your photos. You can also ask to see a photographer’s entire portfolio, much of which may not be available online.

Once you’ve talked with a few photographers, you can sign a contract with the one that seems to suit your needs best. Be sure that you go ahead and make a list of the wedding photos you want, since even artistic photographers need a little direction on a hectic wedding day!

Published: 08/21/2010 by Wedding Photographers


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